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Home Automation Links/References

  1. X-10 Home Automation - Automation 101 by TECHNICALHELP4U- A basic guide to X-10 Home Automation (somewhat dated however) including product examples.  Very useful for a newbie or as a reference for the more experienced.  Check with us for updated products.
  2. The Home Automation Geek - A website dedicated to educating HA newcomers and helping give them a starting place for building their their own smart home.  Also check out their ToolKit for X-10 and Insteon.
  3. Vesternet is a European HA Retail store but check out this section from their website.  It is one of the most comprehensive and detailed guide on how Z-Wave Groups, Scenes and Associations work.  I refer to it all the time, and I bet you will too!

Insteon Home Automation Links/References

Owners Manuals

  1. Insteon SwitchLinc On/Off Switch (Dual-Band) (White) #2477S  (Manual - PDF)

  2. Insteon SwitchLinc LED/CFL Dimmer (Dual-Band) (White) #2477D  (Manual - PDF)

  3. Insteon OutletLinc Remote Control Outlet #2473S (Manual - PDF)

  4. Insteon Hub - Item #2242-222  (Manual - PDF)

Mi Casa Verde - Android / iPhone Apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC's
App Name   Compatible OS Compatible Controller, Hub Links (Links - Download location, Website or App Store)  Home Automation Protocol 
Home Buddy Android Mi Casa Verde Home Buddy Website
Google Play Store
Vera Mobile Android Mi Casa Verde Google Play Store Z-Wave
AutHomation Android Mi Casa Verde AppBrain - AutHomation Website
Google Play Store
iRule Automation Module  Android /iOS   Mi Casa Verde (Module)
iRule Website
Square Connect  iOS  Mi Casa Verde
 Square Connect
Automator.app  iOS Mi Casa Verde iTunes  Z-Wave
 iVera iOS Mi Casa Verde iVera Website

Downloads for the Z-Wave Razberry Daughter Board controller